Hush! - Love Story

'Your personality is so strong that any girl would look at you and go flat! And you say you haven't had an affair with anyone? Shreya asked a little excitedly and then said, Liar! '

'If Shreya, everything else will work but Liar won't work! There is only one capital of our life. One can make any allegation, but no one can make an accusation of lying! Don't you understand? ' Ashesh spoke excitedly.

'OK. Baba! Sorry! But to be honest, you can't digest it! '

'Let me give you the details for you to swallow! If there have been four girls like this in my life, but there was no affection for anyone other than one of them. It's been four years since the break-up with the one for whom the affair took place and she has missed the marriage. There has never been an effect for anyone since then. '

'It's been three years since you joined college, so your girlfriend was in school?' Shreya took stock.

'It's a long story, I'll say it again sometime! Dude! Let's talk about something else! Glad to see you when I came in through the gate Hash! Don't get bored Instead, you get bored! '

Ashesh did not lie at all. Just two minutes ago. As he was getting off the bus and walking towards the college, the only thing on his mind was,

Shreya or Deven it would be better if someone came!

When he entered through the gate of the college and reached the 18-inch wall, a smile appeared on his face. Shreya was sitting there.

'Good thing you came!' Shreya said with a happy face, 'I was thinking that if you come on time, it will be better, otherwise I will get bored alone!'

The pot was designed to allow gardeners to collect dried leaves from a large campus, but it was empty in the morning, so it was a favorite seat for Ashesh-Shreya.

Ashesh took a seat next to Shreya and leaned back and leaned on the two-armed elbow shift.

Suddenly Shreya asked him, 'Ashesh, to be honest, you don't have a girlfriend? Is there anyone who is attracted to you? Or someone whose eyes are fixed on you? '

'I haven't had an affair for a college girl.' Ashesh replied lightly.

Shreya then provoked him. And indeed Ashesh was agitated.

Shreya asked seriously, 'What happened to the mood in the morning?'

'Hey dude! I went to bed at four in the morning and woke up at seven. It would not have happened if we had met for so many days and if it was not for the result today, it would not have come today!

'Why? Why all the fuss? ' Shreya asked seriously now.

'My family has gone to Kashmir. I went on our college tour only seven months ago so I refused. As I was leaving, my father gave me the responsibility that if you stay here, you can save Aunty and Aunty's house weddings. Go to our village and attend it fully! So was Aunty’s son’s marriage yesterday. It was late at night. It was four o'clock in the morning when I returned home from the village. Exactly tired. However, it is a daily habit, so I opened my eyes at seven o'clock. '

Then Sahib remembered that oh, today is the result, I have to go to college. Everyone has to meet. So Sahib hurriedly got ready and came here. And I started spinning, right? ' Shreya said. 'I won't take it now. Come on, let's have some tea. '

'No man! Tea doesn't drink! Let's just sit here. We will go after Deven arrives. ' Ashesh said with a slight boredom.

'OK! Let's sit here. So now you have to listen to my Ram story. ' Shreya bet.

'Well!' Ashesh said.

College time was 11 o'clock, but Ashesh, Deven and Shreya were mostly coming to college before 10 o'clock. Ashesh and Shreya had to come early due to the timing of the bus and Deven came early due to the temptation to play table tennis.

'Like you, I'm tired of getting married.' Shreya said. 'I just got married to my older sister. Jaan came from Bhavnagar: 'Shreya stopped talking. It dawned on him that Ashesh was asleep!


'Are you still asleep? Now wake it up! I have to go to college. ' Deven spoke so loudly that Ashesh's eyes opened.

Deven and Kritik were standing next to him. Shreya was sitting where she was sitting. He had fallen asleep on the shift of the pot. Suddenly Ashesh noticed that his legs were resting on Shreya's shoulders.

'Oh! Sorry! ' Saying Ashesh took his feet and sat down.

'Sorry about that?' Shreya said slightly annoyed. 'It was great to see you sleeping comfortably. Someone has told you, in sleep your face becomes like a very small child! '

'Sister was so busy studying your face that we said,' Let's have some tea. ' Let's have some tea. So say, you come drink. I'm sitting here. Come get our tea. ' Deven said with a heavy sarcasm. 'If we brought tea, the sisters would not want to wake you up if you drank tea. If that's the case, your frozen tea! '

Ashesh saw, there was actually tea in a thermocol bottle.


Deven and Ashesh were in third year and Shreya and Kritik were in first year. The first and third year exams were taken by the State Board. So in the middle of the vacation, everyone from the college was called to get the result.

After taking the result, all of them came out of their respective classes and turned in groups in the garden in front of the main entrance of the college. There was a discussion about who got what percentage. All were congratulating Ashesh on coming to the state first class.

Shreya was also in high spirits. She herself passed with 58%, but the party wanted Ashesh to come first. When Ashesh agreed to give a party to everyone, something different was going on in his mind.

'Shreya sat for an hour and a half for me! Before that I wanted to know about my girlfriend! Doesn't he have any special feelings in his mind? '

How to get an answer to this question? It was raining in Ashesh's mind. When I tried to read Shreya's face, it was full of excitement, joy and emotion. 'Alya bhai, he already has the same intimacy with everyone!' He tapped his mind.

Party talks continued. Ashesh agreed to serve breakfast to seven members of Ashesh's group at a good restaurant in the city.

'What's the matter, you're not happy? Feeling lost? ' Shreya asked.

At the same time, Ashesh realized that he was alone in the crowd. He smiled freely and said, 'I was lost in your thoughts!'

'Come on, lie!' Shreya said again. This time Ashesh didn't mind.

All were having breakfast. Shreya was sitting next to Ashesh. Suddenly the thought flashed in Ashesh's mind. A smile appeared on his face.

'What happened?' Shreya asked immediately.

"We will celebrate my birthday as we celebrated my first number."

'Shall I call so many?'

'Oh no! Not all. If you come on May 16, We will go to see the movie. '

'Are we both alone?'

'What to do alone? There will be a lot of people in the theater. ' There was a mischievous smile on Ashesh's face.

Shreya fell into thought. Then he says, 'But what should I say at home?'

'You don't have a sister? Lets align with it. If he says he wants to take you home, will he let you go? '

'Let it go! But then what will my sister do with us? '

'Fool!' Ashesh patted Shreya lightly on the head.

Shreya laughed. "You really said I was mad."

'Then refuse!' Ashesh said quite simply.

'No, I'll come!' Shreya said.


Ashesh is convinced that Shreya really has a special feeling. On the 16th, Bani-Thani reached the stand where the bus was supposed to stop.

Shreya stopped the rickshaw as soon as she got off the bus.

As soon as the two got into the rickshaw, Shreya said, 'My brothers are coming to town. So we go to a theater far from the city. '

'There might not be a good movie going on.' Ashesh argued.

Shreya immediately said, 'We will see what is going on!'

Ashesh is convinced again that Shreya only cares about him, the film doesn't matter.

Although Ashesh tried to touch his hand three times in the theater, Shreya moved his hand three times.

Equations began to be re-arranged in Ashesh's mind. Maybe Shreya has come with me only in friendship. There is no special feeling. He has made his own favorite fantasies.

Ashesh became angry with himself. So Shreya leaned her head on his shoulder and Ashesh's thoughts took a U-turn again. Ashesh leaned on his shoulder and started moving his hands.

During and after the film, Shreya kept talking about her elder sister's wedding. Ashesh listened intently.

His visit ended without further ado.

Until college resumed, Ashesh's mind kept repeating 'She loves me, she loves me not…'.

Unfortunately Deven was present when he reached the college that day. So the two reached the sports room to play table tennis. Shreya got up and stood there, but the bell rang until the game was over.

Ashesh decided, "In the recess, Shreya has to be called separately and explained." As soon as the recess fell, Shreya rushed into her class, 'Come on, I have your job!'

The two reached their destination.

'Ball! What was the work? ' Ashesh asked

'A girl in my class has fallen in love with you. But your cast is different. So will you accept it? '

'No!' Ashesh rolled his eyes at Shreya and said, 'Sorry, I won't accept that.'

'Why? Is the cast different? 'Shreya was worried.

'No! That's why I love another girl! ' Ashesh said seriously. 'You don't know?'

'Who loves?' Shreya became radiant.

'You!' Ashesh said. And Shreya clung to him for a while. Soon after realizing college, I fell apart.

'Hush!' Shreya said. 'I was confused.'

'Hush!' Ashish said, "I was confused too."

Both giggled.



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